About us

Working at Barceló means being part of a project. Not only because we’re the second biggest hotel chain in Spain, nor because our growth is unstoppable. The real reason is that we are a company run by people, for people..

We believe in respect, effort and the ability to excel. In an industry that is constantly evolving, and with such a diverse, multidisciplinary team, rigid structures have no place. Dynamism is in the company’s DNA and that’s why we’re committed to the education, training and continuous development of our team.

At Barceló our motto is: wherever you are, you can always go further..

This is why we’ve designed an Employee Journey, through which we seek the commitment, motivation, and personal and professional development of all our employees.

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Social benefits

Being part of our team means giving it our all, hoping and growing every day.

Our Values
Our values define us as a Group. They determine how we work and are behind every decision we have made for more than 85 years. All of these values, as well as their implementation from the very start of the company, have contributed decisively to building a successful and sustainable business project over time. Complying with our values has been one of the reasons for this.


We see flexibility as the ability to adapt to a new direction by seeking excellence, being dynamic and offering answers. It is about evolving effectively and efficiently.


We are focused on obtaining results that allow us to be a company that is as profitable as possible in both the short-term and the long-term.


We seek to achieve objectives by optimising the resources and time invested, as well as adapting quickly to the environment.


We recognise, accept and comply with the commitments we have with our environment, always going beyond what is expected.


We involve, we are able to lead those who are close, we motivate and we build trust.


We remain true to our principles, keep our promises and believe in transparency.

Spirit of Service

Customer satisfaction is our raison d’être as a Group; we devote ourselves to serving them with enthusiasm and with the aim of going beyond the specifics.


We love what we do, and we offer all of our abilities to our customers, because we are passionate about our vocation…


The sum of our capabilities multiplies our value. We join our strength and enthusiasm in every challenge we take on.

Our brand DNA

Customer experience begins by managing the experience of our employees

We like to focus on the people who are part of our organisation, guaranteeing - in addition to their continuous development - the well-being of all of them at Barceló. We aim to convey this special level of care for our co-workers each day, through three programmes, which are of great importance within our organisation. Each of them is included within one of the moments of the Employee Journey.


Welcome to Barceló, this is how we would like all new employees who come to work with us to feel.

Thanks to B Welcome, new recruits will be accompanied during their first hours in the company, enjoying a warm and personalised welcome through this programme, which will also provide them with the necessary information to facilitate their integration and make them part of the large family that is Barceló.



Being Barceló is a strategic project with which the Barceló Hotel Group intends to give an important stimulus to the policy of professionalising and developing our teams. This project has a global organisational reach and drives for permanent incorporation into the company culture.
It is a working system focused on training, management and quality that reflects our procedures and identity, and whose purpose is to standardise and professionalise operations at all company hotels.

The four main objectives of Being Barceló are:

  1. Standardize the operations of all hotels and thereby improve the professionalism and performance of our teams
  2. Improve the quality of service and thereby improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Develop professionally individuals and work teams.
  4. Improve the efficiency and profitability of our business centers


Having your opinion is very important to us, we want to know how you feel and what issues you care about, and that’s why we’ve created this space that we call B|Opinion.

Our goal is to monitor the satisfaction and professional motivation of all of the Barceló staff. After the first two editions that have taken place, almost 700 actions have been compiled among the more than 60 participating hotels, subsequently being set in motion and contributing to increase the happiness of the employees.

All these actions are essential if we are to reach the goal we want to achieve: to create a stimulating and motivating work environment, which enhances commitment, the development of talent and the achievement of our goals.

What can you do at Barceló?