Travel division: Ávoris

Ávoris specialises in holidays, leisure and business travel, and forms part of the prestigious and established Barceló Group.

Ávoris is not only a group made up of travel companies, it is a vertically integrated global company. Its business model is structured to lead the way for changes in the travel and tourism market through five large areas: wholesale, retail, flights, incoming services and gift boxes.


The Ávoris wholesale division is further divided into four large specialist subareas:

Holiday Area

Ávoris works with B the travel brand in its holiday area, a company that boasts an extensive network of almost 700 travel agencies across Spain and Portugal. It has extensive experience in the holiday market, providing services to more than a 1.5 million travellers.

B the travel brand
One of the main retail travel agency networks in Spain and Portugal. The brand was created to respond to the new demands of the most demanding travellers in a time of constant change and reinvention of ways to
B the travel brand xperience
A new and innovative store model with R&D centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Lisbon that offer the traveller the opportunity to feel inspired, learn, co-create and share experiences with other
B the travel brand CATAI
A network of spaces in the main cities of Spain and Portugal, where the traveller who seeks the most exclusive of experiences can get assistance from highly specialised
A brand that specialises in travel for millennials, offering experiences exclusively created for these

Online Area

Ávoris has an online area with the Iberojet and brands.

iberojet & muchoviaje
Online travel agents that use ecommerce to reinforce Ávoris’ existing services, where the customer can find varied and unbeatable options for all types of travel, especially in the Caribbean, Tours and Global

Corporate Area: Travel and Events

In the Corporate and Business Travel area, we find a balance between local services that can be global at the same time.

BCD Travel
A benchmark for business travel with more than 4000 clients, 32 BTCs, and 65 implants and
BCD meetings & events
With 14 offices, this brand creates unique experiences with first-class event management for its high-profile
BCD travel viajeros
Offering the best in holidays for corporate
2000 viajes
This brand has a Special Job Center and manages tailor-made business travel and

Conference Area

In the Corporate and Business Travel area, we find a balance between local services that can be global at the same time. .

BCO Congresos
In 2018, BCO Congresos continue to be leaders in PCO and the organization of international conferences in Spain, and has plans to expand in the Americas and


Organised into twelve tour operators, of which six are generalist brands:

Leading operator in Global
VIVA Tours
Travel programs operating exclusively in conjunction with Iberia
Quelonea & Jolidey
Destinations for all types of travellers and true specialists in the
Rhodasol & bedtoyou
Bedbank open to all agencies with a network of over 100,000
Special tours
A wide range of tour packages with a strong presence in Latin
Le Plan
Specialists in travel to Disneyland Paris, acting as an official distributor for the
Le Ski
Ski, sport and adventure
Portuguese Tour Operator, specialising in tours around Europe, Global Travel, as well as holidays and tours in Brazil, The Azores and
Jade travel
Among other options, this company has launched its “Signature Travel” range, a selection of road
Le Musik
Music and concert

Incoming services

In 2015, the company began to include incoming services under the brand Turavia, which was an important step to accompany its clients during their trip and therefore guarantee quality of service. Ávoris has also included Colours in its incoming division and has begun offering services with the opening of a new office in Rovaniemi.

Operating in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Mauritius, India and Jamaica, as well as the Canary and Balearic Islands.


Evelop is a company that operates standard and charter flights to holiday destinations, in particular to the Caribbean, UK and Canary Islands.

The company has a modern fleet of seven aircrafts: three Airbus 330-300 for long-haul flights for 388 passengers, one Airbus 330/200 for 287 passengers, 19 in business class, and one Airbus 320 for medium-haul and capacity for 180 passengers. In 2018, the company incorporated an Airbus A350-900 into its fleet and has announced the incoporation of another A350/900 unit in Spring
The company also operates in Portugal under the Orbest
By plane
Intermediary services between travel agents and airlines around the world, managing private flight hire, as well as aircraft hire for all types of groups, company groups, sports teams or incentive trips.

Gift boxes

Themed gift boxes at over 3560 points of sale across Spain.

Plan B!
Experience packages made up of 32 gift boxes. All options can be found on its online