Jotel click

Jotelclick offers travel agents a simple tool with permanently updated prices for booking hotels online. It includes over 100,000 establishments ordered according to travellers’ needs, with a search engine that considers criteria such as destination, category, room type, accommodation type and date ranges and prices.


Jolidey combines the values of quality and service with the needs of a type of consumer that seeks flexible holidays at very competitive prices. A dynamic and fresh brand designed for today’s traveller with an offer that encompasses short-, medium- and long-haul flights, both regular and charter.


Quelónea is committed to offering superior quality to all types of travellers. It offers a large range of short- and medium-haul trips with both regular and charter flights. Its short haul destinations include attractive options such as the Balearic and Canary Islands. Its longer-haul destinations include the Caribbean region, maintaining the philosophy that long trips are within the reach of everyone.


LaCuartaIsla operates long- and medium-haul travel, aimed at travellers seeking extraordinary and unique experiences. With a high capacity for personalisation and differential expertise, laCuartaIsla embodies the concept of the big trip.

Le Ski

LeSki is the tour operator specialised in skiing, adventure and sports. It operates personalised products, holiday packages, getaways and hotels, as well as the necessary additional services such as ski passes to equipment, ski or snowboard lessons and meals, all at very competitive rates in the main national and international ski resorts.

Le Plan

LePlan is the brand specialised in travel programmes to Disneyland Paris in its quality as the official Park distributor. A tour operator that stands out for its highly specialised team located at the destination, providing the added value of over 20 years of experience.