Develop your career at Barceló

We are committed to the people who make up our teams and we want them to have the potential to grow within the company. Whatever stage you are at in your career, we have what you need. Our philosophy is to create opportunities so that our great family can continue to grow.

Our Individual Development Plan allows each person to reach the goals they set themselves. Customised plans that help people to negotiate the journey, face the challenges and to promote new positions of greater responsibility.

Our Hotel Managers are our best ambassadors. They are those who build each dream, based on the foundations of solid values and ways of doing things, promoting excellence at Barceló wherever we are present.

In order to do that they have worked hard, very hard. Running a hotel at Barceló is much more than managing resources, it means responsibility, passion, commitment and growth.

In order to have the best professionals for these key positions, we have designed an ambitious Development Plan, a continuity programme that encompasses a person’s entire career from the beginning of their journey as a Management Assistant, through to their consolidation as a Hotel Manager.

Eduardo and Javier tell you about their personal experiences


Our Talent Development Programme guides our teams towards continuous improvement. Barceló has defined the ideal competencies to be a successful person within the company, all in line with our three core areas: people, customers and business.

We encourage people to work on continuous improvement and to be successful in their jobs.

We have designed processes to help teams acquire, develop, use and share all of these skills in order to achieve the objectives.

B Campus, our training school

At Barceló we offer quality training aimed at enhancing the key competencies of our employees, and which have previously been identified as necessary in order to work with us. We also work on the development of many other skills that, in one way or another, contribute to improving the professional performance of those who work with us.


B Campus is the umbrella structure that covers all of our training programmes, and was created with the aim of responding to the training and development needs of each of our groups.

Your training as part of the Hotel Management Team

At Barceló Hotel Group, we think our Managers should know how to run a hotel as if it were their own company. Therefore, if you want to become a Barceló Manager, we have a programme just for you. It’s a training concept created with a strategic vision, whose main objective is the development of leadership skills in matters related to leadership, team management and negotiation, among others.

This programme is supplemented by other more operational areas, such as financial analysis and commercial strategy. The programme offers standardised training to our key professionals, in line with the objectives and strategy pursued by the Group at all times.

Your training as a staff member at our offices

Each year we hold training days for our corporate staff, thereby guaranteeing that everyone who works in the offices has the chance to participate in training that allows them to acquire new knowledge and develop skills.

These actions are also in line with the company’s strategy and correspond in all cases to crosscutting needs for the whole group.

In addition, each of the corporate areas has a specialised Training Plan that is annually reviewed by the direct managers of the teams

Your training as a hotel staff member

This encompasses all those training actions focused on developing our teams’ technical and operational skills, mainly directed at general staff and middle managers at hotels.

These are training and competency-based development programmes that facilitate the growth and internal promotion possibilities of our employees, in addition to promoting competitiveness among our teams