Royal Hideaway


More than a hotel, a destination; an incomparable experience; interpret time, don’t just let it slip by. At Royal Hideaway we are the curators of a spirit that is being lost, a spirit that celebrates the classic in a wonderfully modern way. We remain faithful to life with style rather than a lifestyle. We are inspired by the nobility and courtesy that characterized the most exquisite ideals of times gone by.

Royal Hideaway is a world where the fascination and the magic of yesteryear is brought to life and awaken in our guests a passion to experience something that is hard to find today: an unforgettable getaway, a relaxing afternoon immersing themselves in the local scenery, making sure their every moment is memorable. It’s about enjoying every detail, in every nook and cranny, every moment, always.

No Royal Hideaway is quite like any other. Our spirit flows naturally, adapting to the local culture in every destination, without ever losing that touch of elegance and impeccable taste. In this manner, every one of our hotels is distinguished by its own unique style, each one as exquisite as it is original. We are committed to making our guests’ wishes come true and to exceeding their expectations. We do so with discretion and great attention to detail.

In an ever-changing environment, where fashions come and go, we remain loyal to truly refined style and we enthusiastically embrace our role as curators of the exquisite.


Live up to more

We are Barceló, hoteliers and proud to be so. For more than 2 generations we have had the privilege of sharing our vocation for service with our guests, always with an open attitude, approachable and never pretentious.

Yet we know this is not enough. We are never content to just be witnesses to all those instants, moments, experiences, memories and remembrances that form part of our guests’ experience at our hotels. We go a step further.

We create genuine moments that leave an impression. We never cease to question and improve all that we offer to our guests.
We offer distinctive experiences that reach deep, not only because they are original and imaginative, but because they also anticipate the desires of our guests. That is going the extra mile.

Our aim is not only to meet the expectations of our guests, but to take their experience with us beyond the conventional.


Easy living hotels

Inspiring confidence. Being in good hands. As hoteliers with a solid trajectory, at Occidental we strive to offer an experience where everything is designed for the peace and comfort of our guests.

We have always been motivated by a job well done, making the difficult, easy and the complicated, simple.

We enthuse with moments that are memorable, not because they are eccentric, rather because of our profound vocation for service based on a sincere and uncomplicated relationship. We respond to our clients’ real requirements with intelligent, functional and practical hotel concepts. That’s being there, for you.

We deliver that promise of a total experience for our clients in a very diverse manner, from a heavenly beach in the Caribbean to the beating heart of a European metropolis. From summer holidays to escape from our day-to-day routine to recharging the batteries before a business meeting. It doesn’t matter what, where and how, we do everything possible to facilitate the lives of our guests. In every situation and at every moment.

We are Occidental. We are there for you.


Empower enjoyment

A place to live life and to make the most of every moment. This is our declaration of enthusiasm.

We want to capture what distinguishes us: that joy that can be felt in everything we do. It’s the essence
of Allegro. Energy, Freedom and Fun; written here with capital letters because that’s what we’re all about, that’s the Allegro spirit.

Every moment our clients spend with us is an opportunity to boost optimism and reinforce our unmistakeable wish to live life to the full. Boredom is totally unknown to us. We use all our energy to bring life to a place where there is always something to celebrate, something to discover, something to learn; in essence, something to enjoy. A colourful place in constant movement.

No two guests are the same and that’s why no two experiences are the same. We make sure everyone is free to create their own joyful moments and to enjoy them, share them and multiply them day after day, visit after visit.

With endless ideas, we are committed to making good times happen and to making them the very best.
We do this with a joy that is contagious; we encourage enthusiasm!