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We are Barceló, hoteliers and proud to be so. For more than 2 generations we have had the privilege of sharing our vocation for service with our guests, always with an open attitude, approachable and never pretentious.

Yet we know this is not enough. We are never content to just be witnesses to all those instants, moments, experiences, memories and remembrances that form part of our guests’ experience at our hotels. We go a step further.

We create genuine moments that leave an impression. We never cease to question and improve all that we offer to our guests.
We offer distinctive experiences that reach deep, not only because they are original and imaginative, but because they also anticipate the desires of our guests. That is going the extra mile.

Our aim is not only to meet the expectations of our guests, but to take their experience with us beyond the conventional.

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Brand attributes

Imaginative and surprisinge

We take a step further. We create surprising moments that leave an impression.
We go further than an ordinary hotel experience. Surprising is something that, based on imagination, exceeds expectations. It’s what results from being different, original, innovative, memorable, exceptional, unexpected. It is creativity, something that touches us, that does not leave us indifferent. We create instants, moments and experiences that give life to our guests’ fondest memories.

Approachable and helpful

Our reason for being is to make our guests’ lives easy and pleasant.
We maintain the balance between professionalismand approachability. The spirit of service is in our DNA and it is a spirit that is cordial, open, friendly and flexible; it is natural and respectful, avoiding excess familiarity or over-confidence. We make our guests’ lives easy because we want each one of them to feel as though they are our favourite client.

Local culture

We blend into the destination without losing our essence.
Travel is experiencing the different, the original in each place, the essential and unique at every destination. Our hotels soak up the atmosphere of the local culture in every building, every room, every space, every employee. The suggestions we offer our clients reflect the character of the place in which we find ourselves. Our hotels have flavour and reflect their surroundings, offering guests the possibility to experience the proximity of local culture.