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Inspiring confidence. Being in good hands. As hoteliers with a solid trajectory, at Occidental we strive to offer an experience where everything is designed for the peace and comfort of our guests.

We have always been motivated by a job well done, making the difficult, easy and the complicated, simple.

We enthuse with moments that are memorable, not because they are eccentric, rather because of our profound vocation for service based on a sincere and uncomplicated relationship. We respond to our clients’ real requirements with intelligent, functional and practical hotel concepts. That’s being there, for you.

We deliver that promise of a total experience for our clients in a very diverse manner, from a heavenly beach in the Caribbean to the beating heart of a European metropolis. From summer holidays to escape from our day-to-day routine to recharging the batteries before a business meeting. It doesn’t matter what, where and how, we do everything possible to facilitate the lives of our guests. In every situation and at every moment.

We are Occidental. We are there for you.

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Trust us. We deliver what we promise. It’s that simple, that easy.
Our ethos of a job well done makes us worthy of the trust of our clients, because they can be sure that we will deliver what they expect of us. We are here to provide an intelligent and practical hotelexperience, to help them and to provide solutions. And we keep our promise with honesty and reliability. Our clients are in good hands.


We make the difficult, easy, we make the complicated, simple.
We have always been motivated by things being done well and we strive to make our clients’ stay in the hotel more pleasant, adapting to the circumstances with flexibility to make their lives run more smoothly. We make things easy, without unnecessary sophistications and without complicating things that can be simple. We respond to what our clients really need with intelligent, functional and practical hotel concepts.


We are there when our clients need us; we can put ourselves in their shoes, with no detours.
We strive to identify with our clients to better understand their feelings and needs and to adapt our service in order to provide whatever it is that makes them feel better. Our commitment is to always put the client first, without excuses, and to do it with our biggest smile.