More than a hotel, a destination; an incomparable experience; interpret time, don’t just let it slip by. At Royal Hideaway we are the curators of a spirit that is being lost, a spirit that celebrates the classic in a wonderfully modern way. We remain faithful to life with style rather than a lifestyle. We are inspired by the nobility and courtesy that characterized the most exquisite ideals of times gone by.

Royal Hideaway is a world where the fascination and the magic of yesteryear is brought to life and awaken in our guests a passion to experience something that is hard to find today: an unforgettable getaway, a relaxing afternoon immersing themselves in the local scenery, making sure their every moment is memorable. It’s about enjoying every detail, in every nook and cranny, every moment, always.

No Royal Hideaway is quite like any other. Our spirit flows naturally, adapting to the local culture in every destination, without ever losing that touch of elegance and impeccable taste. In this manner, every one of our hotels is distinguished by its own unique style, each one as exquisite as it is original. We are committed to making our guests’ wishes come true and to exceeding their expectations. We do so with discretion and great attention to detail.

In an ever-changing environment, where fashions come and go, we remain loyal to truly refined style and we enthusiastically embrace our role as curators of the exquisite.

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Brand attributes


More than a hotel, a destination; more than an experience, an occasion; interpret time, don’t just let it slip by.

We preserve the essence that inspires each hotel, offering our guests a genuine experience in coherence with that authenticity, without affectations or fiction. We bringlifetoexperiences that reflect the soul and the roots of a history, a place, a building, a character.

The authentic is something true and certain, without affectations, without arrogance. Its real, unique and exclusive personality will impress without trying to make an impression.


We are the curators of the exquisite: we ensure our guests enjoy every detail, every nook and cranny, every moment.
An experience full of gestures that ensure our client feels special and pampered.
We pay attention to those little expressions of courtesy and to the services we offer our client: genteel, caring, personal details that make every client feel that they are someone special.
We are obsessed with the intangible.


We are always on hand without being obtrusive; we know how to be elegant without being ostentatious.
We remain attentive to our guests’ needs, always in a natural and discreetly timely manner. We are available and at the same time we know not to be intrusive or bothersome, with maximum respect for the privacy and intimacy of our guests. Offering a totally available service, but with tact.
We like elegance and we flee from ostentation; we care for good taste, without pretentiousness, excess or arrogance.