Scott Schuman, the father of the street-style concept and one of the most revered figures of the fashion world this past decade, is the person behind the latest Royal Hideaway campaign in Santo Domingo: The Guest List

April 2018.-  When someone asks Scott Schuman what it takes to have the honor of standing in front of his camera lens, his response is always the same: a unique style that reflects a special personality and goes beyond time and trends. It is no surprise that the photographer who in recent years changed the rules of style is now the pioneer of finding it outside of fashion weeks by taking photos of the guests at one of the most iconic hotels in the world and the best luxury hotel in the Dominican Republic: El Embajador, a Royal Hideaway Hotel.
Scott Schuman
Scott Schuman
The Royal Hideaway brand and the photographer have joined forces for a second time in this exclusive experience for guests: their stay at El Embajador, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, is immortalized by the camera of one of the most acclaimed fashion photographers in the world. A series of photographs are transformed into a campaign filled with unique moments, The Guest List, in this second edition following the first campaign at Royal Hideaway Playacar, Mexico.
El Embajador, a Royal Hideaway Hotel
El Embajador, a Royal Hideaway Hotel

On this occasion, Scott Schuman captures guests who personify the urban luxury of a legendary hotel that is a symbol of Santo Domingo. “A hotel’s guests are closely tied to the vibes it gives off. Certain places in the world are able to represent the local culture of their surroundings, and El Embajador is without a doubt one of those destinations,” states the American photographer.

This hotel has become a true emblem of culture in the Dominican Republic and its magic has been conveyed throughout its 62-year history by maestros such as Francis Ford Coppola in scenes from The Godfather Part II. The hotel that is now being photographed by Scott Schuman is the same one where members of the Kennedy family have stayed, a number of political summits have been held, and fashion legends such as Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta have confirmed its status as a symbol of style.
The Guest List: The experience of being photographed by a fashion icon

Giving guests the exclusive feeling of being immortalized by a fashion photography legend is the concept behind The Guest List project. The campaign conveys the personality of Royal Hideaway through the people who best represent it, the chain’s guests, and by the person that is best able to capture them: Scott Schuman, the photographer who is an expert in reflecting the soul of the places he visits through people.

My job is rather simple. I travel the world and take photos of people, places, interior spaces and landscapes that inspire me, and then I share them on the Internet,” the photographer explains about his work.
About El Embajador, a Royal Hideaway Hotel
With a foundation based on the luxury of the most exclusive and quality service, El Embajador is a unique establishment located in a stimulating and multicultural city. Backed by a 62-year history, the hotel is a cultural symbol of Santo Domingo and a place that locals and travelers must visit.
Its 298 rooms are strategically positioned to offer views of the Caribbean Sea, the city and the exotic gardens surrounding the building. Decorated with a timeless classic elegance, the rooms have been recently renovated to offer the best facilities. When all of this is combined with luxurious service, the experience becomes one of the best that a visitor can find in Santo Domingo and only at El Embajador, a Royal Hideaway Hotel.