Continuing with our vocation to train and promote young students who want to get to know the world of the company and complete their training, at Barceló, we are committed to promoting Work Experience Programmes for young students who wish to complete their training in the world of work.

We have programmes both at our offices and our hotels, facilitating entry for students who demonstrate an enthusiasm to learn, a vocation for the profession and a positive attitude to start to grow with us.

Beginnings are always an opportunity to discover, test and decide what the next step will be, ever firmer. At Barceló we are aware of the importance of this stage and we are looking forward to sharing what we know with you.

If you want to learn, contribute, grow and above all enjoy yourself, check out our work experience programmes!


Management Training is an ambitious talent recruitment program for our Management Work Placement in Europe’s leading hotel and catering schools.

The programme, aimed at young Hotel Management graduates who have already had diverse experiences in work placement during their training years, has been very well received in all the schools we have visited, since the Barceló Hotel Group is recognised as being one of the few companies that supports these types of programmes.

In addition to previous experience, another essential requirement is fluency in English and preferably, some other language, but, above all, we are looking for young people who have a vocation for Hotel Management.

Every year we visit some of the most prestigious schools and universities, both nationally and internationally, presenting our Programme to all students. Our aim is to promote the internationalisation of our managerial profiles.

The programme is designed so that students can undertake cross training in all the operational and management areas of the hotel, thereby acquiring an overall view on how to supervise all of them. The skills they demonstrate during this period will be decisive in assessing their subsequent recruitment.

Each year, about 60 future professionals participate in Management Training, many of whom later form part of the Barceló Development Plan. They form our training school; they are the Management Assistants at the hotel who will then continue to grow with us, ultimately becoming our future Barceló hotel managers.

Our Management Training is much more than a work placement programme, it is a comprehensive training and development plan for students or recent graduates who aspire to be Hotel Manager.

What are we looking for?

The most important thing in order to join the programme is to feel passionately about the industry and have a clear drive for Hotel Management.

We seek enthusiasm, proactivity and, above all, a desire to learn.

What do we offer?

We offer a training period of approximately 6 months in one of our hotels in the EMEA area. During this period, you will be supervised by the Hotel Manager, and will have the opportunity to c enabling you to gain experience across all departments. You will participate actively in all the duties that constitute operations, gradually undertaking increasingly complex duties and achieving a comprehensive overview of hotel operations.

Once the work placement is completed, we will evaluate your performance and, if the assessment is positive, you’ll become part of the reserve that participate in the Barceló Development Plan.

A long-distance race to achieve a dream!

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We offer work placements across all our hotel departments. You’ll get a first-hand opportunity to get to know how a hotel works and to join in with the day-to-day operations. If you’re interested in developing your skills in a specific department, just let us know your preferences when you send in your CV.

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Our corporate offices are located in Palma de Mallorca, where we have an endless number of training opportunities across the different departments that go to form them.

If you are interested in a particular area, don’t hesitate to send us your CV and our Human Resources department will take a look at your profile.

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