País: España
División: Central
Provincia: Islas Baleares
Área: D. E-Commerce


- Participation in the definition of the global commercial strategy for hotels in the region.
- Responsible for achieving the strategic goals and revenue results, according to the business plan and budgets for the E-distribution.
- Lead the implementation of the strategy in the different areas: OTAs, GDS and Online B2B wholesalers with the support of the corporate departments and hotel teams.
- Responsible for the coordination and the going to the market of new hotels in the region.
- Responsible for the optimization and implementation of rates, restrictions, inventory and content in all the channels of the hotels in the region, related to online B2B.
- Responsible for the correct coordination and implementation of outgoing corporate and hotel campaigns for the Online B2B.
- Ensure the correct application of the sales policies established in Barceló Hotel Group in Online B2B.
- Responsible for forecasting and measuring the actions and campaigns for the Online B2B.
- Analysis of results for a correct decision making, as well as proposing corrective actions and good practices to be implemented. Propose and suggest improvements for the correct achievement of objectives and a distribution according to the strategy and objectives established in the Online B2B.
- Establishment of working operations with hotels and other E-commerce teams.

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Requisitos mínimos

Knowledge, skills & abilities:
- Ability to work in data-driven like environments
- Ability to collaborate with cross functional teams at all levels (including with technical teams)
- Ability to use strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to create new strategies, build business cases, and win situations
- Strong decision-making skills and an understanding of where projects fit into overall company and development strategies
- Knowledge of ecommerce systems, Online B2B, Revenue, Product and contracting
- Operational/ function understanding of ecommerce technologies
- Demonstrated integrity and maturity, and a constructive approach to challenges
- Ability to operate independently given direction, and bring ideas and solutions to issues raised
- Ability to analyse and assess organizational needs and provide solutions accordingly
- Strong negotiation, ability to influence and organizing skills
- Takes initiative & brings impeccable follow-up skills
Core competences:
- Lead, supervise and motivate a team located in different regions and ability to interact with corporate departments
- Communicates Effectively
- Cultivates Collaboration
- Delivers Results Effectively
- Understand the strategy and being able to see the big picture
Minimum qualifications, education and experience:
- Minimum 5 years experience in Sales Optimization and in online environments
- Experience in online distribution (Wholesaler or OTA) required
- English and Spanish proficiency needed
- Bachelor Degree in Business, Economics, Tourism, Marketing or equivalent