País: España
División: Central
Provincia: Islas Baleares
Área: D. E-Commerce


The Conversion Rate Analyst will be responsible to monitor and identify insights/opportunities that impact to the conversion rate of & Call Centers. Will be focused on continuously improve the conversion rate and all the variables that have an impact to it: site performance, digital marketing, price parity, etc.

This role will report to the Head of AI & Business Intelligence and will work across all of the E-Commerce teams.


- Daily monitoring of how conversion rate evolves in and Call Centers.
- Generates reports & case studies related to issues and/or improvements that have an impact on conversion rate.
- Strategic use of data to understand customer behaviour in & CC and define actions in coordination with the UX & Personalization teams.
- Understands the user experience when browsing and detects improvement opportunities to increase the conversion rate.
- Identifies opportunities between the Call Centers and the Salesforce team in order to give the CC agents more information to improve the conversion rate.
- Creates dashboards and reports to give full information to the E-Commerce team about how conversion rate is evolving.
- Works closely with the Data & Digital Marketing team to identify inbound opportunities that drive more sales without harming the conversion rate.

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Requisitos mínimos

- Strong sales skills and ability to change performance through influence to other teams
- Demonstrable knowledge of Digital Media
- Ability to work in data-driven like environments
- Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams at all levels (including with technical teams)
- Ability to use strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to create new strategies, build business cases, and win situations
- Strong decision-making skills and an understanding of where projects fit into overall company and development strategies
- Knowledge of eCommerce systems, content management systems, customer service software, and a consolidated knowledge in digital marketing
- Thorough understanding of entire eCommerce processes from conversion to fulfilment to customer service
- Huge user behaviour analytical skills