More than eighty-five years of history

The first Spanish hotel chain to establish itself in the Caribbean

Hotel experiences with value

Continuous improvement

More than 250 hotels in 22 countries

Barceló Hotel Group, the hotel division of the Barceló Group, is the 2nd hotel chain in Spain and the 29th largest in the world. It currently has more than 250 4 and 5 star urban and holiday hotels, and more than 55,000 rooms, distributed in 22 countries and marketed under 4 brands:

Forward Hoteligence

We are hospitality professionals. This is our passion and our vocation. Providing guests with excellent service is what has always driven us. Our special commitment to service has been passed down through three generations. We call it “Forward Hoteligence”.

We believe that success lies in adapting to the changing market realities and also being two steps ahead of them. This is why, and especially now in this hyper-competitive and constantly changing world, we never settle for the status quo. We are always at the forefront. Our focus is on the future as we evolve, advance and continuously improve. This allows us to build a reputation as innovative hospitality professionals in the eyes of guests and as trend-setting pioneers in the eyes of the industry. Bigger and better.

We work hard on a daily basis to continuously improve. We face challenges and undertake projects with perseverance, great care, dedication and soundness. Step by step. We strive to be flexible in order to take advantage of the opportunities that appear. Ostentatious attitudes don’t get in our way. Although we have the self-confidence to work towards the goals we set, we are modest and diligent. We work hard so our success may speak for itself. Forward Hoteligence.